Koh Tarutao

The Thai island of Koh Tarutao is in many ways like the island resort of Ko Lanta, as it does not attract too much tourists. Thanks to this, it was possible to preserve a unique natural environment, practically untouched by modern civilization. Those who come to Koh Tarutao can visit magnificent waterfalls, impenetrable jungle thickets, deep mysterious caves. Only here you can see rare exotic plants, which you will not see even in the Botanical Garden.

No less diverse is the animal kingdom of the island, both terrestrial and submarine. While visiting local attractions tourists can meet lizards, macaques, huge sea turtles, exotic birds with bright plumage. In the underwater kingdom, living creatures and vegetation are perhaps even richer, although cloudy water does not provide much opportunity for full-fledged snorkeling.

Visiting Koh Tarutao is a unique opportunity to get to the pristine corner of nature and enjoy all its amazing beauties. However, for a long holiday these places are not suitable for everyone, since there are almost no shops, Internet, medical services and ATMs. The remoteness of civilized goods once again emphasizes the uniqueness of the island, where everyone can feel an incredible unity with nature.

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