Fishing in the islands of Thailand

True fans of fishing, for the most part, are so passionate about it that they even try to combine rest with their favorite pastime. One of the tourist routes for such enthusiastic people is exotic Thailand, where you can not only relax, but also enjoy the amazing sea fishing. The Andaman and South China seas washing the island state are replete with different kinds of fish, so even novice fishermen will not remain without trophies.

For tourists, anglers organize group or individual tours, so that anyone can choose the most suitable format for fishing. Modern yachts are equipped with all necessary equipment, with which both surface and deep sea fishing is possible. A sea trip in a group of like-minded people will cost cheaper than an individual one, and a catch in it can be a large tuna, a stingray, a real squid and many other kinds of exotic fish.

No less interesting is the sport fishing, the winner in which is the fisherman, who extracted the largest and most weighty specimen of fish. To test yourself in the business and compete for the title of the best everyone can do, especially since all the necessary conditions have been created for this. Beautiful, comfortable yachts, modern equipment, competent instructor – all this awaits those who want to try their luck and compete with other fishermen.

In different regions of the country there are specific features and nuances of rest and fishing, which should be known to tourists.

We recommend fishing to you on the island of Phuket. This island, widely known among tourists, is washed by the waters of the Andaman Sea, which is rich in a huge species diversity of exotic fish. Season, suitable for fishing, continues here from early November to April, and at this time on Phuket fishermen gather professionals and amateurs from around the world. Their catch can be an unusual sailing fish or a large marlin, and at night you can hunt even for some species of sharks.

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